Is Oura ring a scam?

09/7/2018 5:58 PM

If you haven't heard of the Oura ring, it's quite possibly the most over-hyped wearable ever created. The amount of data and insights it supposedly provides makes the Apple watch look like a functionless plastic toy in comparison. I admit, I bought into the hype and pre-ordered a ring in December of 2017, and nearly 10 months later I'm still waiting for it. What's even more frustrating is the flood of people on Twitter and Facebook that are claiming to have received their watch recently, despite placing orders several months after I did.

Here's one from when I originally wrote this post...


And another a few days later...


And another...


Oura's "amazing" response to this criticism...


In a decade of covering consumer electronics, I have never heard of such an ass-backwards manufacturing process as Oura's. They are literally saying that a ring ordered in May has the same priority as a ring ordered 5 months prior, just because it falls into some loosely defined time period. To top it all off, Oura recently redesigned their website and completely removed ANY mention of shipping estimates during the order process. You have to dig deep in the help section to find them.

Given that Oura has blocked me on Twitter and won't respond to my emails, I will have no choice but to report the charge as fraudulent in order to (hopefully) get my money back.

If you've been thinking about ordering an Oura ring, I'd strongly suggest that you wait until they've shipped all of their preorders. Otherwise, there's no telling when you'll receive yours. DO NOT trust the current 8-12 week shipping estimate for new orders -- it's fantasia bullshit.